Freedom inspired

The other day, I was watching “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” for the umpteenth time, when the “Buckbeak’s Flight” scene gave me the same shivers as the first time… or as always.

If we are only talking shivers, it would not really matter because many of us are actually that sensitive, so nothing very special about this to begin with… unless, you question the very reasons that lie beyond the beauty of such a scene.

My thoughts wandering then I asked myself: What is it about that scene that touch me so? One word came to mind before I even had the time to think: Freedom.

The music for one is absolutely phenomenal. The violins mixed with the flutes give an airy impression, like flying in fact. It is joyful and the beginning of the piece is so powerful with the loud percussions like one were building one’s momentum before taking flight. As the music plays, the imagery of the movie with the vast undisturbed nature, bright colors, water and then the character of Harry Potter himself and the sheer happiness on his face reinforce my idea of freedom.

 So, what is freedom? Does it exist?

I tend to agree with my husband when he says that freedom is but an illusion. Just like time, which is mostly a human concept, freedom does not exist in just one form. We are all free, but none of us could define our freedom the same way. The beggar in the street is not free, says my husband; I say he/she is… indeed, he/she is free to smile, to be amiable and grateful to those showing kindness. He/she is free to make the most of his/her situation. Granted, it is a very limited freedom, but it is one that has the power to make his/her life slightly more bearable now and then.

Am I freer than a beggar? Yes, of course, but my freedom is limited too, by the rules and expectations of society.

Since I started writing this post, about two weeks ago, I can say that today I am freer than I was then. Freedom is a state of mind and a state of things. Refugees are flying from their country to, one could say, freedom; their sought freedom is the one to live. My own freedom is to make my life the best that it can possibly be through becoming who I am supposed to be… but this is a quest that might take my entire life to complete. All in all, freedom to live, to look for oneself have all the same purpose: the path of happiness and leave behind what will make us eternal in the mind of one important person… freedom is the power to show that we were here and we made a difference somehow, on a small or large scale.

Are you flying yet?