Europe – Walk the Earth “Updated”

After further listens of Walk the Earth, I had to update this post… updates in Blue 😘

As I was staring at the cloudy and starless sky yesterday, I was deprived from seeing Orionid Meteor Shower. However, I was surrounded by the brightest stars of the day, of them all, and dare I say my own personal evening star(s) (also called Venus funnily enough… some of you, I know, will get the reference 😉) since… well, ever. You will have guessed of course that I am talking about the band Europe. The new album, Walk the Earth, sets yet another – very high – standard to the band’s music. I have to say this though, the band shared a bit too much spoiler tracks before the release, so the album was not a complete surprise which took a bit of the magic I like so much away during that first listen… But I understand the need they’d probably felt. They were excited and proud of what they’d created and they, without a doubt, could not wait for the release date to share it with the rest of the world. They can be proud… truly.

Anyway, a little bit of magic gone does not mean that I did not have a blast listening to the album, on the contrary – and still am while writing this. The first thing that came to mind as I listened to Walk the Earth: Europe went wild, they rocked out 😎. I said to my husband that this album was daring and had more depth than anything Europe had done so far. Their lyrics are definitely my kind of lyrics, which makes the songs so much richer. I am ecstatic about the result. Walk the Earth is the second album that gave me so many shivers, but compared to War of Kings (the previous album), it took only two listens for that to happen which is pretty rare. Was it love at first sight then? Not completely at first, but almost… Who am I kidding of course it was, except for two songs which I now adore!

Men of their words

I usually pride myself in saying that lyrics are what first catches my interest and are the deal-breaker for my liking an album or not. I have to admit though that with Walk the Earth, Europe has not only managed to make me revise this statement, but they opened a new mind-set for me to listen to music. How long this will last? I haven’t the foggiest! It is fun as long as it lasts, is all I can say for sure. This being cleared, I would not be faithful to Misfit at Heart, if I did not talk lyrics…  because, ultimately, I need to feel the emotions a song communicates to go from liking it to loving it… to me, words are what brings the emotions forth… and I promise you, Walk the Earth has such songs, many actually.

It gets worse when you know things
Europe, Wolves – Joey Tempest / John Norum / Dave Cobb

I do have to pay attention when I hear this… for knowledge is power and when you’re not already all powerful, knowing might become a curse rather than a blessing… in theory, this would be wrong of course, but in the world we are living in, it is such a blatant evidence that it is quite scary.

↓↓↓ NEW ↓↓↓

The band is officially sharing the music on YouTube for you to listen before buying… don’t know for how long though 😉 so hurry and buy the album!

And as we sign our lives away
Then so will die democracy
Europe, Kingdom United – Joey Tempest / Chris Difford / Dave Cobb / Boo Hewerdine

There is such accuracy in these lines, like a slap in the face because, even though the song is about the past, it is still relevant today when I look at where the world is heading. I cannot really explain why I get touched by such words… maybe it is because I agree with them. I don’t know. It might be that it is comforting to realise that one of my favourite bands thinks that way too and finally dares singing it. I must confess that I’ve been waiting for them to do so for a very long time…

↓↓↓ NEW ↓↓↓

The band is officially sharing the music on YouTube for you to listen before buying… don’t know for how long though 😉 so hurry and buy the album!

This is just a couple of examples to why I find the lyrics of this album so deep and rich. Each song holds a line or few that makes me listen to them even more carefully. I do agree with the idea that music is what it is and should not be about politics or stuff like that. At the same time, when they are written the right way, as it is the case here, they do not indoctrinate but rather pushes the listeners to think a bit further. Looking around and outside our private bubbles is the first step towards acting and making the world a better place… or not. Am I an idealist? Absolutely! I still want to believe in humanity even if it is very difficult at times.

Walk the Earth is not about this though… it uses the observations of situations, whether they’d be political or social or whatever, to show us the light. Joey would say “hope is the key” (Source: Psychology Today – “The Hope Instinct of Joey Tempest)… The interesting part is that you really need to dig in, embrace it and let the music guide you to the words. This is where one of Europe‘s strengths lie… for me, at least, it is so.

Escape into the light of the moon and the shooting stars
To where you are
Europe, Pictures – Joey Tempest / Dave Cobb / Aaron Raitiere

When Joey Tempest sings these lines, I’ve got chills crawling up my spine. The piano parts on Pictures are simply fantastic, this song has all the magic that I need to enjoy the music and let the emotions take over. Listen to John Norum‘s guitar! I just love the way it lifts up the song even higher and as if into another dimension. Beautiful!

↓↓↓ NEW ↓↓↓

The band is officially sharing the music on YouTube for you to listen before buying… don’t know for how long though 😉 so hurry and buy the album!)

Precious gems

There are two songs that shine brighter than the others for me and they are Pictures and Turn to Dust. The music is majestic, it transports me and, except for the shivers I already briefly talked about in the beginning, brings tears to my eyes… and you know that there is only one other band who has such a gift

Turn to Dust has a nice little twist and I would call it grandiose. So, if we are talking gems, I have just named the diamonds… what is a little less precious than diamonds? Ruby, sapphire, whatever… ? You chose! I could list the entire album of course, but in no particular order of preference, The Siege, Kingdom United, Election Day, Wolves and Whenever you’re Ready are the songs that blew me away. Wait!!! I forgot the title track Walk the Earth

Musically, throughout the album, each and everyone of the musicians gets to shine a little brighter than usual and I can tell you this, it made me really happy – euphoric-like happy 😎. You know, usually, it is more or less all about the singer and the guitarist – no offence gents – on Walk the Earth, it is about ALL of them, brilliant! I feel this album, more than other albums, as an entity. The band sounds more united… more in sync… more together than ever.  Joey Tempest pushes the envelop on GTO a little. All in all, his voice has another kind of edge and to me it is what it required to move me deeper… and he really does. I gotta say though, Mic Michaeli (keyboards) is the one who caught my attention and amazed me the most, not that I should be surprised about it… No, but on Walk the Earth his playing sounds different, it gets to me, gets under my skin… but I cannot explain exactly in what way. I love the drums on GTO, if you’re in need of an energy boost, GTO is the song to listen to… yet, you’ll notice that GTO is not among the songs I have first listed, and yet… it is the second time I mention it 😋. Go figure!

Exciting journey

A few other things I had not mentioned… and here I might just as well do a copy/paste from my Facebook page 🤓. I have to mention the amazing guitar John Norum is playing on, for example: Turn to Dust which is simply gorgeous; I cannot wait to be able to see how great Walk the Earth will be live, because don’t fret about it people, this is an album meant to be played live… as I listened to Haze for instance… one other song that did not make my list at first (see earlier in this post), it is going to kick butts live and I do see the audience providing some extra backgrounds 😂 Walk the Earth, was almost love at first sight, but now there is no almost anymore… Sunday, I woke up with Whenever you’re Ready playing in my head, yet I had not listened to it before going to bed… Monday, it was Wolves 😜. 

Music is a strange thing… great music, wall of weird kinda strange 🤣 Europe‘s Walk the Earth has the potential to become THE best rock album of the year – it already is to me, but I am no reviewer or one of those rock-reference magazines either, so I might not count that way😏. It still grows though and as Joey Tempest (I think it was Joey) said, Walk the Earth is very organic. 

Have you ever experienced this euphoria while listening to music? So good music that all you want to do is laugh, clap, dance and revel in it? This is how it felt for me while I was listening to Walk the Earth. One song after the other, Europe kept on delivering. I don’t really care if it sounds like this or that, or if it is not ground-breaking music as some might say… to me, I love this “new” sound, I love that Europe is exploring their creativity and expanding their world the way they want. This journey that they are on is very exciting… and am gladly following.

So, if you haven’t bought Walk the Earth by Europe yet 🤘 I suggest you do so at once… best Europe album in my opinion.


Credits: Feature image – Photo by Brian Cannon