The Way is Shut – Between Anger and Disappointment


Please bear in mind that the opinions stated in this post are mine and in no way associated with the bands (and the movie) I borrow my inspiration from!

I usually try to avoid writing about politics, but the results of the first round in the French presidential elections have left me somewhat numb and dumbfounded. Decidedly, my fellow citizens (or at least a majority of them) like to give the stick to be beaten. History has been repeating itself for thirty years and, although we see the light at the end of the tunnel, in the end “The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead. And the dead keep it.” Morbid? So are the results of the first round, because what’s left is not much of a choice really. This scene from the Lord of the Rings – the Return of the King seemed so appropriate to the situation… granted, it might be slightly far-fetched, but not in my mind so, “You will suffer ME!

Our grandparents fought for our freedom, but I guess that seeing what we are doing with it, we still haven’t learnt anything. People aren’t ready to be happy… Excuse my French but that is BS! The past thirty years, election after election, the people have little by little forfeited their freedom… why? why is it always a minority of individuals who stand up to fight for the common good? and why does the majority chooses to remain oblivious to the truth? Every single time we end up in a hopeless situation and for the following five years, we get sucked dry by the oligarchs we put in charge… every single time!

How does such a result make sense? Where do we go from there and how do we move forward?

Four bands to help me sort out my thoughts

You know me, I like to borrow words from my favourite bands to think further and see beyond what I cannot fathom. In order to do so, I first tried to pick one song from one band: Poets of the Fall‘s Revolution Roulette; unfortunately it conveyed but a small portion of how I really feel. Kamelot came to the rescue screaming Revolution and Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) in my head, and then Europe and Shinedown arrived unannounced at the party with Last Look at Eden and It All Adds Up. As you can see, the post’s featured image is easily explained… An important thing you should remember about how I use such songs: I usually take the words out of context… why? Because it is how they talk to me. Depending on what I am experiencing at that particular moment in life, some words hit me harder than others within the same song and start making me think on what’s going on for me then.

Europe – Last Look at Eden

I remember when Europe released Last Look at Eden single, I was very pleased and felt proud. The song, although pretty generalist in its message, gave enough to the listeners, i.e. ME, to think about. I wish that my compatriots could have had that train of thoughts when they voted last Sunday.

Are you still out there
The ones who really care
Who’s open minded?

I mean, one has to be open minded to take in the drastic changes proposed in the program of my favourite candidate. He was offering real solutions, that could have made a difference for the many. In a country such as my motherland that France is, we should not accept that children get only one decent meal a day; one should not accept that people die at work; we should not accept that social inequalities become a norm… He had – has – tangible solutions that could have been applied at once. How can this be associated with dictatorial ideologies? This is beyond me. Why rebuilding France for and by the people be a scary enterprise?

[…] I’ve seen the truth
Modified for you
And we just can’t buy it

This is your life
Are you gonna stand by […]

Poets of the Fall – Revolution Roulette

In the context of this post, I could quote the entire Revolution Roulette song, it would strangely make all the sense in the world to me and I would probably not need to explain how I feel. But I won’t do that, of course… Listen to the entire song (click on the band’s picture) – with the lyrics if needed, which you can find on Poets of the Fall Official Website.

Everybody loves the perfect solution
To beat the odds against the poorest possible substitution

We had to choose between eleven candidates among which ONE had the only solution for social equality (as I wrote earlier), a true environmental plan, the end of oligarchies and the rule of money. The latter, let’s face it, is tearing people apart and to the ground where some are already crawling on all four to survive… in a country such as France! Do you find that normal? ’cause I don’t!

So you’re left with sanity to lose, cos the machine is a ruse
Another invention to rule them

If this machine doesn’t stop, what will you do if it never goes out
Never goes out of season

In other words, we all knew and yet the majority chose for the worse… because, now on one side there is a candidate that is some kind of a “clone” to the actual French President and on the other side, someone who stands for… I cannot get myself to write it for fear that I am going to scream my anger at my screen (which is pretty innocent in the matter). Calmer now… Why on earth were my grandfathers made prisoners during World War II? Why did so many people die in concentration camps? Why… NO, I refuse to think that French people have such a short memory of our country’s history and would rather believe that one so-called extreme is more dangerous than THAT one.

The choice we have now, is not one, period! And you can call me a “bad loser” since these results come directly from a democratic act by the people… another topic, another debate, for another time if I can spare it.

Shinedown – It All Adds Up

I have followed the presidential campaign of one candidate, the one whom offered a program, a plan for the future I have been dreaming about for decades. I have also noticed how he was attacked on all fronts… you’d say that these are the rules of the political game. Sorry, no! At least, it is not how it should be in France, but it is how it became. I listened today to the media who denied all responsibility in manipulating the “populace”… they did so quite rapidly and without going into details, pathetic! I can say this, the media had a huge part – though they were not the only ones – in pushing the indecisive voters towards the unreasonable choice (according to yours truly) by playing on their fears. The manipulation I am talking about is slyer. It is the choice of what information to put on the first page of a newspaper, website or TV news… or else how to word it… nothing illegal, but low and beneath what journalism should be about.

Terrorism was vastly responsible too, as we are all well-aware. In the end, there is so much one person can take… Yes, I am angry and I guarantee you that I am not the only one…

You know I love it when you say you’re afraid
Don’t you hate it when I make you shake?
Hang the truth from a noose
Put a hit man on the loose […]

Kamelot – Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) and Revolution

I do not condone violence or war, yet both songs from Kamelot that came to mind when I started thinking about this post are rather underlining such things. What I get from them, however, is this: the elections are but a part of the war, when a battle is lost, we get back up, relay one another and fight on for what we believe in. Revolution is quite explicit in its content while Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) is more of a metaphor as I see it. These songs do the trick though, and help me put things into perspective. The loss was not complete, the ranks have grown and the voices were rather loud this year. Now, the five years to come have to serve as a platform to expand, communicate, care and rally even more people. Numbers are an undeniable strength to support change!

I won’t compromise
Release me
What we’re looking for
Liar Liar on the wall

Let my lament of endless gray
Light a fire in your hands
To forge a future we can call our own

As you’ve understood, I am very angry and rather partial to the all thing… I am not a journalist, so I get to be. Mostly, I am disappointed, though not surprised because at some point, one gets used to the fact that people never learn… but I am hopeful! The young generation has not said her last word! This is how I end this post, with hope filling my heart despite the bleakness of the coming days and years in France.


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