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As an emotive and very sensitive person, I am moved by a lot of things that happen around me, whether for good or bad. In the light of who I am, and the way I perceive life, one artist – whom I can barely fathom how he manages to touch me the way he does – moves me beyond words mostly through his voice. His name is Morten Harket and with his latest solo album Brother, released in 2014, the song that literally took my breath away was “There is a place“.

There’s a silent worldmorten-harket-brother-sm
Shining from afar
There’s a drop of life
Among the stars
That is where we humans are

I get the words he sings and at the same time I do not. The first time I listened to this track was with headphones and it felt like he was singing to me, in this sort of intimate and private bubble. He was singing about my husband and me; he was singing our story. It brought tears in my eyes, but I know it was not only the words that did so, indeed it was his voice. A very peculiar timber and softness in it that said: “you are safe” without uttering the words. Safe from what or from who, I do not know. As I have listened to it today in order to write this post, tears threatened to come out, my heart skipped a beat, and I am not sure I was breathing the whole time.

Morten’s voice, whatever he sings, brings me inner peace and the most amazing of all is that I cannot explain it. It is utterly delightful!

I let you judge with the live video below. You might find it cheesy, I find it uplifting and it is probably one of the reasons why I wanted to share these thoughts.

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