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The first day after meeting my therapist, the woods were more welcoming than what I described in my post “An Exquisite Illustration“… it was a sunny day. She had told thus me:

Experience the quiet and stillness of nature. Sit down on a tree stump or something, close your eyes, and allow yourself to feel with your other senses.


I took this literally, mostly because it sounded like a lot of fun, however, I did not find a tree stump. Instead, I found a rock by the river shore. I sat on it and without closing my eyes – for I did not want to miss an ounce of colours glittering in the sun – I started to rediscover nature. I took out the same notebook, the same pen – as I described in my post “An Exquisite Illustration” – and this is what happened:

Sitting on a rock by the river,
I let my eyes wander on the wrinkled water
The light breeze freezes my cheek, 
but the warmth of the colours smells good and fresh.

Like golden dust falling from the trees,
The leaves are flying silently on the ground and water.

The water, that was as smooth as a mirror by the other shore,
Has now picked up speed with the frequent gusts of wind.
If I gaze long enough over there,
It feels like I am flowing along the river
But against the tide: my own private carousel.

When I started to feel a bit cold, I left my rock and headed back home. It was refreshing that morning and although I was tired, I grew very fond of this micro-journey I had just taken in my head… or was it my heart?

On the happy grey day I have already talked about in my previous blog post, I wished I could have done the same as earlier described; instead of sitting down, however, I walked slowly and stopped to the side of the path a few more times after my encounter with the two ladies.  Here are the shots I took with my pen:

Walking on the damp carpet of fallen leaves,
The woods are getting ready to welcome winter,
The greens come from the moss dressing the stones and
the dead trunks lying on either side of the path.
It is a pity that the forest is shy of the smells I love so much…
No… the smell is faint, I just gotta take a deep breath to feel it;
What is it? it smells like wild fennel, it cannot be it but…

The water is gurgling, the current is not that strong on that side,
A sort of little duck – not sure it is a duck – is diving frequently
and by the look of it, the fishing season is going very well…
It is such a peaceful scene in so many ways.

If we do not take care, we will pass by daily moments like this and let the current of society bear us away… when life is still waiting to be lived the way it should: in harmony.

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