Poets of the Fall – Continuity in a story line, maybe…


Let me begin with a soothing statement… Misfit at Heart is NOT turning political, even if everything we do in life is somewhat political, but what is happening in France is both scary and amazing to me. However, I have created another blog (in French) to talk on that matter (http://insoumise.misfitheart.com). After all, history is being made in my country, so I am bound to be both passionate and concerned (The Way is Shut – Between Anger and Disappointment). Anyway, enough about that since you’re understandably not interested…

Writing for the sake of writing can be an efficient boost for the rest of the day… for the morale! It usually is a great advice from writer to writers who are stuck, or have no idea of what to write. Writing because one misses talking about a particular subject is reason enough (as it is the case for me today), wouldn’t you say? Yet, as I am typing this, I am still not sure about the subject of this post and I have yet to pick a song. Finally, writing even though one has nothing to say, might annoy most of you including one of our favourite poets, Marko Saaresto (if he were to read any of this, which I am sure he is not despite what my husband is telling me).

In France though, the renowned comic, Coluche, used to say in one of his sketches:

It is not because one has nothing to say that one should shut the hell up!

Fortunately for me, he was talking about journalists and I am not one. Let’s pick a song then… Actually, I’ve been thinking of pairing two songs ever since Clearview was released!

Continuity in a story line, maybe…

Signs of Life – Temple of Thought

Signs of Life, the album does not contain the title song which after careful thinking might be a good thing for it might not have fitted within the album’s concept. Fine! It is a bit confusing though when it is released seven years later on the bonus edition of Temple of Thought… At the same time, it kind of make sense (in a very weird way). Considering that Poets of the Fall created two “trilogies” so far and that the first one starts with Signs of Life (2005), followed by Carnival of Rust (2006), ending with Temple of Thought (2012)… the latter’s bonus edition ends in fact with the song Signs of Life. (Check: Poets of the Fall struck me like lightning – Highlight 2016). There is some logic in Poets of the Fall‘s creative process.

What am I getting at?

  • Did they know that this song would end the trilogy?
  • Had they already written the song? – I think yes, because they had already a lot of songs written for SOL & COR.

Anyway, these are the kind of thoughts that Signs of Life (the song) triggers… told you, my mind works in mysterious ways. The song has two protagonists, a man and a woman… they are both fighting to find their way through life… their way home, maybe.

The Game – Clearview

The Game is different from the other Clearview songs… it tells a story with a different point of view, just like Signs of Life. Although the songs are similar in the storytelling, The Game goes deeper in the analysis of society through the characters behaviours. Besides there is a third protagonist in this song: The Puppet Master. Who is he? Sometimes I see a politician pulling the strings (real enough picture)… sometimes, I see death waiting (just like in “The Tale of the Three Brothers” – The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, J. K. Rowling)… other times, I see one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse… I know, my mind is very twisted! Finally, and probably the most relevant vision for the song, I see the “evil” counterpart of the man and the woman in the song. The one opposite the good, the common sense, the right-doer…. There are many possibilities depending on whom you ask, these are mine…

Anyway, love is also a strong common thread to both songs. In Signs of Life, it is a positive force whereas in The Game, it feels kind of destructive at times – although the end suggests otherwise. I see The Game as a satire of society, as opposed to a simple observation in Signs of Life. Musically speaking, both songs are very different and I find The Game more powerful.

The words’ influence on yours truly…

There are three instances in Signs of Life that got me thinking deeper on my own situation. The first two (as shown below) were assessments and I remember how good it felt that someone could put words together in such a way that, they actually described exactly how I was feeling. Such insight and awareness gave me chills… It was like Marko had suddenly switched on the light on something I could not express for myself. Very liberating! The words of comfort at the end of the song, I thought, were not necessary, and yet they stand as this imperceptible nudge in the back making it possible to move forward, one step at a time. There is a strong sense of hope in these words.

When what’s real becomes just another source of hurt
And when meaning’s gone from every word

When you’re free to choose, but the choices leave you lost
When you feel you paid way more than it should cost

If you feel you’ve exhausted all your options
And if you still find yourself with nothing to believe in
Free your mind and you will see

The Game‘s lyrics do not have the same influence on me, if any at all. The song is less personal, but at the same time it is easy to recognise oneself in both characters falling “victim” to the puppet master… why? I find The Game rather sharp and witty in its observation of our daily society and its machinery. As I said earlier, you’ll find politic is everywhere, even when you don’t want to see it. The brilliancy of the song is that Poets of the Fall is taking one position only, the one of Love… everything else is just an assessment of what is. At least, this is the way I see it. The main purpose, beside standing unfailingly behind and for Love, is to keep our common sense alert and masterfully suggests to mind the gap if we let our freewill go… by keeping the puppet master in charge… or maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, in which case I apologise. In the end though, everybody finds what he/she needs to make it through the day.

Reading out the epitaph of our pointless wars
When love, love could be our crown

One song, Signs of Life, is more straight forward, more obvious in its message than the other. The Game forces me to read a little more between the lines to get the true meaning of it (very subjective though). Marko said in an interview that there are no “conspiracy theory” in what he writes, which is relevant enough; I like to think, however, that he is rather fond of playing with words and hidden meanings… or maybe, it is just I, who enjoys the search and the “brain gymnastic” when I read and listen to his lyrics. I have recently realised that depending on what I experience in life while listening to Poets of the Fall, for the same song, slightly different meanings pop up in my mind. The words influence and inspire me, but it seems that the opposite applies as well…

So, to the wise… see you later!


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