Opposites attract – Take the bad for the good


poets_of_the_fall_midpromo_2016After a few weeks of online absence, I am back on the writing saddle… not that I had stopped riding, but you know how it is, projects whether on – or offline don’t write themselves. Today, I am talking about my absolute love: Music. This weekend, I have watched Poets of the Fall live in Moscow and it made me euphorically happy. I was shaky with joy for a long time after I stopped watching, and the next evening, I was in the same state of mind. There are three other concerts that had such an impact on me: Kamelot with One Cold Winter Night (live from Oslo, 2008), Europe with Live at Sweden Rock (2013) and a-ha with Ending on a High Note (2010). For now, however, I will concentrate this post on Poets of the Fall and Shinedown.

OBS! I have even updated the page Series: music quotes with Poets of the Fall.

Opposites attract

shinedown-bandMusic is not just a series of notes cleverly arranged and produced, it is a story strengthened with powerful lyrics. A beautiful voice, such as bariton-bass Marko Saarest‘s from Poets of the Fall, or a strong one like Brent Smith‘s from Shinedown can bring my heart to skip a beat more often than not. The wide range of emotions that they sing with simple words yet complex feelings in their voice talks directly to my soul without needing a pass for understanding. I call that magic. Am I objective? Heck no! That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

Now, that I can go back to one of my favorite “waste of time”: listening to music, I took the leap and savor every note with every word. This is when I am. The words don’t wash over me, they stick to my skin like a balm, they soothe the chaos in my mind and for a few minutes, they bring me peace within. I make music compilations on my iPod for I enjoy the change of mood that music can conjure. A few days ago, I was listening to Poets of the Fall’s song “Jealous Gods” and there is this verse that gets me every time, yet it felt so familiar that it drove me crazy until I remembered Shinedown’s most beautiful song “What a shame!” Same but different, they mention exactly the same thing that each and every one of us struggles with at some point in one’s life.

poets_shineThere’s a joy for every hurt
– Jealous Gods, Poets of the Fall – Album “Jealous Gods” 2014.

If there was nothing wrong,
Then there’d be nothing right
– What a Shame, Shinedown – Album “The Sound of Madness” 2008.

Simple, isn’t it? “There is a reason for everything” type of statement, which we usually say when bad things happen. Why do we do that? Why do we have to justify the bad with the inevitable ensuing good?

We’re human after all
Human after all, Europe – Album “Secret Society” 2006.

Take the bad for the good!

We all have our hurts and things that go wrong in our lives, don’t we? It might be something imperceptible to the naked eye but bad, unbearable even; sometimes, words would be powerless to explain how we feel and the way we experience the “wrongs” and “hurts” are different from one person to the other. The lights fade to leave only darkness and chaos in our minds. What others tell you about your feelings in such moments is insignificant because how could they possibly know and understand? We are ourselves within and we are the ones living with it. I find that music, or rather songs, often helps me understand myself better than any therapy could.

The thing is that light always comes after darkness; sometimes it is not that bright, still it is there if we bother to look. The tiny moments are important to notice and rejoice in, for they are what makes the hurting instances become slightly more bearable. If you believe that, it might be easier to accept the wrongs and hurts… of course, it does not make the wrongs and hurts alright. Unfortunately, they are necessary for the good to mean something. In a not so far-fetched analogy, like death is necessary for life to be precious. Kamelot says quotes this idea in their song “Veritas” from the album Silverthorn (2012): Death is the answer to life.

Two weeks ago, I have not had a lot of good days. My sleep was disturbed by nightmares and the worst part was that I could not awaken from them. I did not remember any, though; all I knew was that the bad dreams prevented me from sleeping well and my days were a sequence of empty ones. I had no strength or inclination for anything. Before I would have been bothered by that, now I just let it flow because I knew for a fact that the wind would unfailingly turn. It was okay to feel this way and it made the upcoming good days even better.

I love the magic of music and I am grateful that it’s back into my life.
Enjoy the music!

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