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I’ve been meaning to talk about love for a while now; of course, I already did but I think I got side-tracked every time I tried to make my point – probably because I forgot what my point was along the way. The truth is that I’d like to talk to you about love songs, mostly because I used to find them… hmm, I should I put this? lame, but now the exceptions including Poets of the Fall‘s are more than a few. I will tell you this too: in my home country that France is, there is in my heart one artist who is off-contest when it comes to love songs and his name is Francis Cabrel. Although I’d like to focus this post on POTF’s love songs, I cannot keep Francis out of the picture so bear with me. Besides, this is not a contest so I am still on topic.

When I get hooked on a band/artist, I usually acquire the entire discography at once – when my wallet permits it. This is what I did with Poets of the Fall and I have high expectations for the upcoming new album, which release is planned for September 2016. The other reason why I chose this theme today is because POTF are (almost) ALL about love, and they are spreading that love as far as their instruments can reach; so I’d like to do the same, from my own corner of the world and with my own words when possible.


Picking one love song from the poets… Nah!

What is a love song? This is a vast and wide subject indeed. I do not intend to give a definition here, but you’ll probably figure out what it is for me by reading this post… tricksy.. might be. Marko Saaresto said in an interview on Yagaloo TV, about the song Kamikaze Love: “It is a song about a love that is doomed. You can only sing about two things: love and death. This is about a death of love.”

Francis Cabrel said something almost similar when answering to the question: why are your love songs so sad? He answered something like: well, you can’t sing about a happy love, it does not feel right and might even sound ludicrous. It becomes a better song if it is a sad love story. How charming and kind of depressing, wouldn’t you say? Francis’s love songs are not all that sad, though, but they are rather melancholic. I can think of a few songs right now that could illustrate this. Two of them are the renowned “Je l’aime à mourir – I love her to death” and “Petite Marie – Little Marie

She built bridges
Between us and the sky,
And we cross them
Every time she
Does not want to sleep
Does not want to sleep.
I love her to death.
Je l’aime à mourir – I love her to death © Francis Cabrel

I come from the sky
And the stars between them
Talk only about you,
Petite Marie – Little Marie © Francis Cabrel

It is melancholic to perfection. If I try to contrast with Poets of the Fall’s love songs, I could not because they sing about love in a different way. Today, I chose No end, No beginning, and Rebirth. I’ve been wanting to write about these two songs for some time because I think they match pretty well. As No end, No beginning is ending with “to be continued“, I want to believe that Rebirth is the happily melancholic, yet hopeful, following-up to the story. I might be wrong but I am a hopeless romantic, what can I say.

So carry my ache and you will know the feeling
Inside I am weak but for this love I’m bearing
So breathe your life in my shades of grey
Or kill the lights and we’ll fade away
No end, No beginning © Poets of the Fall

For you, for you
I would bring down the heavens on this earth
For you, for you
I would even trust the devil for rebirth
Rebirth© Poets of the Fall

It is different of course from Francis since it is extremely difficult to compare poets and their sensitivities with each other, but you get a picture of what touches me. If I take all the love songs from Francis and the Poets and started pondering over whether they have written them based on their own experience of love and life, I’d realize that their hearts might be smashed to a pulp…

One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.
Quote ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

and yet, I chose to believe that they are all happy men. They just know how to sing about love, for love and bring its light to our lives so we either remember not to take for granted what we have or hope that we’ll know it too. Love will come to you

Let’s talk about love… just a little

What is love then? Love is an undefinable emotion that overwhelms and overpowers our senses, which will render us completely numb when it is true. Is this the reason why most artists sing, write or paint about it? We’re not talking only about lovers’ love, but love in all shapes and forms. “Love conquers all” one way or another. How can one understand it? Love asks more questions than it gives answers, which is, in my opinion, the reason why it is so powerful and overwhelming. If you’re in love you’re at risk, in danger, yet complete… but if you’re not if love has no place in your life… do I need to ask?

I’ve told you about when I first met the man who became my husband nine years ago. I’ve also told you about the people around me who are enriching my life every day with their smiles, with their hearts… with their love; without forgetting the four-legged furballs bringing joy wherever they go. I don’t need to tell the tales I’ve already told. However, if you consider what I have just said, as well as the fact that my emotions are running deep within and at the same time crawling right under my skin, it is not strange that such love songs are touching me the way they do. Whether they are sad, melancholic or even joyful, they speak to my soul because they carry true emotions… they are not just words, a love song they are magical and I know that you get that too.

So, take care of one another!

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