Love, not only a tool, our weapon


OldTobybilbobagginsIt has come, finally, the new year and its first week is already  almost over. I hope you all had a good break and holiday. I was in France and among the many subjects discussed with my family, Bilbo’s quote from The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring was mentioned as a brilliant one.

I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.


Je ne connais pas la moitié d’entre vous autant que je le voudrais, et j’aime moins de la moitié d’entre vous à moitié moins que vous ne le méritez

Bilbo Baggins – The Lord of the Rings, The fellowship of the ring – J. R. R. Tolkien 

Not only is this brilliant, but I do believe that many of us would like to say that to a big part of our acquaintances nowadays. Cold! you could say… yes, but I am done being nice and fuzzy to everybody, for the good it has done me. I am not angry, on the contrary, I am particularly serene since I have come back from France. My dad was right once again, and without even trying to do so, I have followed his advice from October: “You need to re-center your thoughts, mind and heart towards the only thing that really matters: family.” – or something of the sort. My dad, this big softy, might think that if I do not agree with him at once or at all, I have not stored everything that he has told me in my mind for future use… if it was the case, he would be wrong. I will not agree with everything that he says to me, and his reality will never be the same as mine but, with this, at least, he was right and our realities coincide very well indeed.

Back to Bilbo’s exquisite statement… The first part is easy and true enough even more so that we all befriend people through social networks whom we have never met. What do we really know of such friends? We go beyond virtual borders and virtually meet people who have a couple of common interests leading us to become virtual friends in most cases. What loneliness this is! At the same time, in the midst of such unlikely friendships, some people stand out in our hearts but we are limited in our mutual acquaintance. We are limited by time, distance, money… priorities. Sad!

When it comes to those we know best… those we shook hand with, kissed and hugged in real… they are not that many, and family does not count here. How many do you truly love? I bet you’d feel strange just thinking about it because you would not want to hurt anybody’s feeling by uttering what really is in your heart. This is what I mean when I say: “I am done being nice and fuzzy.” So… are you starting to get it? How many friends do you love? and yet, among them are those you know you should love even more – if possible – and let them know more often. Yes, not only that, you feel it in your heart as you read these lines the same way I feel it in mine while writing them.

Love is powerful… so let’s use it properly this year to keep at bay terror, darkness and hate. Love is our weapon with the particularity of being able to spread. So let’s get to work people…

Have an amazing 2016!

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