Let’s not let them, let’s love instead!

Photography: Juho Jalagin
Photography: Juho Jalagin

Now that I have taken in all the loudness of silence during my well-going recovery, I can finally enjoy music again and longer even. I feel like I am listening to it another way, from deeper within, the words are heavier – with meaning – than they used to although it was far from lost on me. Of course, it might also depend on what I listen to and since I have gotten stuck with Poets of the Fall (not so long ago, but I am catching up…) the words might bear a meaning very close to home, hence, the influence as I am always striving to find hidden meanings, wordplays, and whatnot that will get me to grow more as a person – that’d be the only way for that matter, as Pippin justly says to Faramir in The Return of the King, “I’m not likely to grow anymore… except sideways“.

Anyway, this morning I was playing the latest album Jealous Gods and the song “Brighter Than the Sun” when I heard in my headphones this verse that sounded like “ding ding!”. You know, nothing special but, it was to me.

“Love never goes out of season”
Brighter than the sun, album: Jealous Gods © 2014 Poets of the Fall

I thought out loud, actually, “you’re damned right”… excuse my French! It also got me thinking further about a discussion I had  with my parents the other day. We were talking about the impact of words throughout the medias – yes, I know, nothing to do at all with the song, or? Well, we’ll see, won’t we.

man-1253004_1920My mom and I were talking about a charity action from my home country. Francophone artists meet once a year for a few concerts in France and all benefits are given to the association “Les Restos du Coeur” (roughly translated: The Restaurants of the Heart). The association is helping people in need all over France and all year around with food packages, hot meals, and even shelter; and so much more so that people who need and want it can rebuild their lives. This is all about love in the end, is it not? My concern with the media is that, when this action started in 1985, they were all for it, praising, encouraging and so on. Since a few years back, many of the media have changed side if you will. Now, it is all criticism and negativity around the action, furthermore amplified on the Internet with “hate” comments on forums and platforms that promote the event.

I don’t get this, between the media throwing oil on the fire and people biting even more onto anything they get their teeth on. It is unfathomable how fast we let “bully”, “hate”, “negativism” and “do this but no that” to get so – how should I put it – commercial. Ok, don’t bite my head off! We’re not all like that and all media are not all rubbish, I am well aware.

This is just an example among others and since I am good at ranting, I might as well go on a little since my chest feels heavy today with all the “crap” out there that gets in my face constantly. We have become a society of negativism and consumerism (the latter is not a new disease though). Take the Social Media, for instance, they spread rumors, pranks, hoaxes which in itself is not so bad if nobody cared. Unfortunately, the more we are fed such misinformation and so-called entertaining statements and stories, the more we want them, care and react to them in all anonymity. Yes, cowardice is another well-spread disease in our society…

girls-1202693_1920So, the important information gets lost in translation, or filtered… someone else is choosing for us what to know and lead us to react the way we do. We are manipulated, worse, we let them… but you knew that right. Media is power and who owns it, I ask you. Politicians and governments do, of course. Yet again, we let them.

I want to believe that it is not all that bad, but more often than not, it is so and there is nothing I can do about it except rant in my small corner of the world, hoping that you are hearing me. In the midst of all that, however, we have artists and their voices sending us warnings and reminding us of what matters. Guess what, today I want to focus on what Poets of the Fall are singing to us: Love is all that matters. Don’t take life for granted and appreciate the small things that are filling your heart, because when the game’s over, that’s all we’ll have left. Be kind to one another, take care of yourselves to better take care of your loved ones.

Shinedown has a song called “How did you love?“. So… how did you?


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