Kamelot “Haven” – Highlight 2015

Kamelot 2015
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When I discovered Kamelot a few years back with “The Black Halo”  and then “Ghost Opera” little did I know how much their music would influence me. I could speak for hours about Kamelot, or in this case write. I never thought in a million years that I would one day listen to that kind of music, but it is now impossible for me to spend one day without listening to Kamelot.

I loved (still do) Roy Khan’s voice and the drama he’s brought to each and every Kamelot song; so when the amazing Tommy Karevik stepped in for the album “Silverthorn“, I am sorry to say that I refused to listen to it… until I did, of course, and got hooked.

As soon as the band announced the coming out of “Haven“, there was this pinch in my heart that did not ease up until I finally received the album at home and held it. As usual, my husband and I waited until it was the weekend to listen to it… excruciating wait! Nonetheless, well worth it. It was then Tommy who put me under the Kamelot spell; it was still Tommy who brought tears in my eyes and shivers through my entire body as he sang “Here’s to the Fall“. Every Kamelot album has its own signature and strength, but with every new one they are getting closer (to what? I haven’t the faintest…), so I can say without a doubt that they’ve outdone themselves with “Haven“.

HavenWhy did we wait? TRADITION of course! Kamelot’s music is “sacred” in our family and therefore, we have now this habit of playing a new Kamelot CD very loud in the living room while sharing a glass of wine and thus listening almost “religiously” to the album a couple or more times… we usually do not utter a word but for the occasional “wow!”, “hmm!”, “cool!” accompanied with the unfading smile on our face and the glimmer in our eyes. Kamelot equal magic to me and they are a constant inspiration, sometimes when I write, some other time when I think and am trying to win an argument with myself, yet other times, they can inspire in how I look at the world. Music is a universal language and they are speaking it to perfection. Even though perfection does not exist, as some say, I tend to believe that there are as many types of perfection as there are human beings…

You have already noticed that I have just named the singer (former and actual). The thing is that I cannot tell you how good each and every one of them plays because it is obvious, you hear it as well as I do without me pointing that out. The singers have that particularity, though, they deliver my truest and most faithful companions with the eloquence they deserve: WORDS. Kamelot, however, is a musical entity and it works its magic so well because of these particular members: Thomas Youngblood, Sean Tibbetts, Tommy Karevik, Oliver Palotai and Casey Grillo. Visit Kamelot Official Website.

You can buy Haven everywhere now… so just go to your favorite shop, it’s worth every penny.

Beyond the music, Kamelot has this chaotic aesthetic about them that they unfailingly offer us both musically and visually. The latest proof of that (if you do not count the pictures and artwork) would be with both videos of “Insomnia” and its sequel “Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy)“. I have not yet worked out the visual interpretation of the lyrics, but that might take me a while longer. These videos are some kind of short movies with a dash of gothic science fiction; the darkness within is toned down by smoothed out pictures and visual effects (if that makes sense to anyone). As I said, it is a chaotic aesthetic that strengthens both songs very well. On a social media, someone (a fellow Kamelot fan I think it was) said something that got me thinking (yet again). He was wondering about the conclusion of the videos… I see very well a conclusion with one of my favourite songs from “Haven”: “Revolution“. We’ll just have to wait and see, until then enjoy the music.

Listen now to Revolution on Spotify:

For those of you who haven’t the faintest about Kamelot’s music, here is a link to “A Beginner’s Guide to Kamelot

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