Four-legged family, an essential mirror


Today Icesar millan foundation | Tumblr am repeating myself because sometimes when you do not really feel like yourself, you need to do so in order to start healing properly. My “disorder” is not a visible one so some people might wonder if I really am ill. Dogs, however, know it at once and you can put a brave face on, be chipper as if you meant it, but you won’t fool the dogs.

My husband says that I am a “dog magnet” and so it is… I am watching my neighbor’s chihuahuas, Smilla and Torsten, while she is on a two weeks well-deserved vacation.

They are great and true mirrors of how I feel. Take yesterday, for example, we were on our way back from our long morning walk when we met their friend Linus, a seven-year-old, easy going cocker spaniel. Smilla, who is the white chihuahua on the pictures (see the slideshow after the post), launched at Linus which, as I understand it, she does not do with her human. What does it say about me then? Torsten, Smilla’s grandson, is not better. Every time another dog is around, he barks like crazy and then Smilla joins in. I can make them stop, but I am not very balanced so they don’t take me seriously at once. All this to say that they are really helping me re-focus on myself so that I can communicate better with them. Torsten is giving those “goo goo” eyes all the time and I know he means to say how much he loves me. Smilla does the same in her own way. They are both a blessing and a therapy.

My borrowed four-legged companions are somehow adapting to the human – that is to say, yours truly. They do not behave exactly the way they do with their own human, but they behave the way that is needed for me to keep checking certain aspects of my inner-self. It is a work in progress, but the message is getting clearer every day.

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