Easter under the influence of dogs


Easter 2015 will always remain a very special one for me although I believe that most of you won’t understand why it was such a big deal. Another truth is that most of you know how crazy I am about dogs (of all sizes), therefore this post won’t come as news, or as a surprise, it might actually even be a bit boring. For you, in particular, please either bear with me or just click away this week, it’s ok.

Far away from the truth

My husband and I recently moved apartment two doors away. Our  old place is now occupied by a very kind woman and her two long-haired chihuahuas. I know what you are seeing right now, either a brat like Paris Hilton carrying her dogs in a handbag or an old lady with two neurotic rats. If it is so, then you are so far away from the truth that it is hilarious. My neighbor JB has been super friendly from the start and very trusting too; her two dogs, Torsten and Smilla, are just like her. It is said that dogs are the human’s mirrors.

For the funny anecdote, Cesar Millan‘s old show “Dog Whisperer” had an episode entitled “Chihuahuas from Hell“… Torsten and Smilla are the complete opposite of that, so it is fair to write that they are THE “Chihuahuas from Heaven.”

Torsten and Smilla - Chihuahua from Heaven
Torsten and Smilla – Chihuahua from Heaven

Pet sitter

Sleeping after the long walk from Friday
Sleeping after Friday’s long walk

A few months ago, JB asked me if I wanted to watch her dogs on Monday evenings while she would go to the gym. I agreed to it without hesitation, happy to help and get the company of her two dogs. The first time was quite funny, for the dogs became quite restless until my husband and I sat in the same room with them. The pack was gathered and Torsten and Smilla finally relaxed. I watched the dogs a few Mondays after this, and then one day here and there. JB had peace of mind as she could do what she needed without feeling guilty about leaving her dogs. It has been a win-win situation for both parties every time.

A couple of days before Easter, JB asked me if I would consider taking the dogs over the weekend. I told her that I would ask my husband if he minded to which he replied that he was perfectly alright having the dogs over. We, therefore, took them from Thursday to Sunday.

Uneventful yet memorable weekend

Shorter walk on Saturday with Torsten and Smilla
Shorter walk on Saturday with Torsten and Smilla

Torsten and Smilla are blood relative (Smilla being Torsten’s granny), and they are so well behaved, cute and funny that I told JB she would have to teach me how she raised them when the day for me to have my own dog should come. Torsten is a bit more pig-headed than Smilla, but all in all it is very easy to have them off leash outdoors and still have them follow us. Friday morning, we went on a walk for almost two hours around the river nearby our neighborhood. The paths were very muddy and icy sometimes. As we came back home, we just carried the dogs upstairs straight into the bathtub. I tell you this, these guys like to be pampered. They slept the rest of the day, agreeing to get up to go pee and eat. Friday was actually very eventful for the two smallish dogs. In the morning, before the walk around the river, they met two neighbors: an English Bulldog and a Cocker Spaniel, I think they were. That went well, but the dogs became very excited when they saw Torsten and Smilla whom, I believe, have very little patience for such behavior. In the evening, they met one of the new neighbors: Bongo, a young, excited Rotweiller-Boxer mix. Gorgeous and friendly, Torsten and Smilla did not see his friendliness with a keen eye and warned him a few times with their “pipping” that he should calm down around them. Nelly, our neighbor’s F.‘s French Bulldog was just as excited as Bongo and she was actually provoking him into playing. The difference in size was quite amazing, Nelly did not bother at all though. F. told us that she was in fact not feeling well that day… hmm! How would it have turned out if she had been feeling well then?

Most gratifying feeling

The thing is that I feel relaxed and unburdened when these two fluffy beings are around. I live in the moment, the stress disappears and a sense of real purpose fills my heart. I am honored that JB trusts me the way she does and entrusts her “babies” to me. There is nothing more rewarding than having a dog sharing one’s life and JB has given me a taste of what it would be like if my husband and I had a dog. Until we do, this is a good compromise and I am most grateful to JB; but, you know what, after just four days, the apartment feels quite empty.

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  1. so, like a walk with a human is, like every (human) miles is… (10 to the 7th x 6 carry)… 680 TDM!!!*

    *Tiny Dog Miles… non-metric measurement in units of 4 inch legs


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