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Misfit at Heart Blog is my outlet where my thoughts do not need to be supervised. Here, I write about whatever I like, and as you will (or already have) surely notice, it is mostly about arts and myself. As Jane Austen could have put it, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any artist in possession of an uncontrollable desire to express him- or herself and an overpowering flow of ideas and imagination, must be self-absorbed.” I do not do her justice by a long shot, but it is fun to try.

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My inspiration usually comes from people, and among them are some very special artists: Europe, Poets of the FallKamelot, and Shinedown are the main players and constitute a rather eclectic mix of genre. Other bands and solo artists complete the main frame now and then too, which gives me a wide palette of sounds, melodies and words to enjoy.

The music

Music has shaped my life, but it has also changed it for the better. Today, there is not a day I spend in utter silence… unless I have a migraine… music is at the core of my being and yet I am no musician, or maybe, just maybe I am a musician of words which one commonly called poet. The featured image of this page, although not related to music, means absolute freedom to me… just like music does



If it weren’t for Europe, I might not have met my husband. If it weren’t for them I might not even be. But I am and I did, which is why, after about 30 years (and counting), I am still a Europe fan. I have not always been loyal, but I have never been able to stay away from their music very long. The reason might be that somehow what they sang – and sing – finds unfailingly its way home to my heart.

Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall - Midpromo 2016

Since October 2015, I have not been able to listen to music and it has been a real hassle to me. I could not listen to anything without getting pissed off, but then in the course of March 2016, my husband made me discover the Finnish band, the so-called underdogs, Poets of the Fall. It took some convincing before I agreed to listen to anything but when I did, I was hooked. The lyrics are strong, the music fits completely in what makes me tick and Marko’s voice brings such an emotional range to the whole that I wish I had discovered them from the beginning of their career. The music makes me so happy that I can barely believe my ears. Poets of the Fall is a musical force to be reckoned with, period! And if I had to rank all these amazing artists in the charts of my heart, Poets of the Fall would definitely occupy the first place.


Along the way, I have discovered new artists, new bands, new music. Kamelot is one of them. There is this darkness to the music that allowed my own dark side to wake up. I have finally embraced it. The good thing about darkness is that it shows the light through such a brighter angle that one cannot exist without the other. The lyrics are rich with folk tales, history, life, and hope. Kamelot stands for a very real fantasy world I like to visit often because this is where I feel most at home… at least it is how it was. Today Kamelot has to share this heartfelt space in my heart with Poets of the Fall.



From fantasy to reality, there is but a step, no matter the point of origin. Shinedown speak their mind in a way that I wish I could. They are not afraid to call things by their name, even if it might not be “politically correct”. They preach love by accepting their anger, disappointment and all that is negative in this world. Shinedown is my personal anger management coach. But behind such an etiquette, Shinedown shows a wisdom and a clairevoyance of the world and the people that I find very inspiring.

The name

Misfit at heart was born beginning of 2015 in my head, but it has been nameless until October (or earlier) when I heard Shinedown‘s new album Threat to Survival (release date 18-Sept.-2015). There is this particular song called Misfits – what a shocker! What did you expect? Did you think it’d be subtle? – that talked to me, and especially the chorus:

“They called us crazy ’cause we never fit in
We never bother keeping up with their trends
It didn’t matter that we weren’t on the list
‘Cause we were misfits”

Copyrights 2015 Shinedown – EMI Blacksound Music Inc. (Brent Smith, Dave Basset)