20161016 – Playground new sub-cat


As you all may have noticed, Misfit at Heart is a growing blog and ever changing, somehow I am trying to keep it organic… ambitious, I know… anyway, I thought I’d let you know that in light of recent peaks of interest for a certain band, I decided to add sub-categories to my favourite Playground. In this category, I will sometimes post things like updates about Playground, or some cool news about one of the four bands that are now sub-categories. These kind of posts won’t, however, be very long, but rather flash like and sparse. I hope you won’t find this new arrangement too confusing, and if you do… well, imagine being in my head for a few seconds and I’m sure you’ll get over it.

You have Poets of the Fall first, with a small description of the sub-category, and following the same principle come Europe, Kamelot and Shinedow. All in all, they are the four pillars behind this blog idea… quotes and all.

Take care!


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